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I want a Travel Web Page!

You have a friend that makes web pages and he can design for you a Travel Web Page almost free of charge in 1 hour?

  • And all offers on your web will be uploaded automatically from a booking system with the picture, destination, duration, board and price?

  • And he will make price checks and update each offer twice a day?

  • And he will immediately implement every change in design, form and content of every element of your web after your request?


Starting costs from 30 € monthly and 100 € installation fee.

What can trax do?

  • Direct management of elements

    You manage your web directly in your web. No admin, administration and support are needed.

  • Swiftness

    Time for creating one offer including picture, destination, duration, board and price takes 20 seconds. Your whole workable web can be ready in just 30 minutes.

  • Quality of Data

    Connection to booking system Traveltainment with high quality data is included.

  • Variability

    Choose from a variety of designs, colors and elements.

  • Individuality

    Give your web your individual touch and your own special offers, no web should look like another.

  • Connectivity

    Easy publishing of your content to Social media.

  • Booking administration

    Admin for management of your bookings dextra is included.

  • Commission

    Find the most suitable commission model for you.

Create your trax web page and start earning money right now!


Enjoy most popular travel solutions

60,- month
350,- installation fee


  • 5 Step Traveltainment booking route
  • Hotel info:
    • Photo gallery
    • Point description
    • Rating
    • General description
    • Translate to local language

Booking route

  • Filter for:
    • Price
    • Water temperature
    • Air temperature
    • Flight duration
  • Send to friend


  • Select from all containers (Excluding Navi)
  • Stock of emotive pictures for 160 destinations:
    • Basic
  • Stock of 16 pictograms
  • Subpages by the customer up to 100 MB data volume with elements:
    • Text
    • Text + picture
    • Pricelist
    • Contact/Request form


  • Dextra (Bookings & Offers management)
  • Webhosting


60,- month


120,- month


300,- month


600,- month

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